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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2016 year, number 4

The Emergence of Amphibiotic Insects From a Floodplain Lake in the Usman Forest in the Central Russian Forest-Steppe

State Nature Reserve "Belogorye", 309342, Borisovka, Monаstery Lane, 3
Keywords: вылет, вынос биомассы, численность, амфибиотические насекомые, emergence, removal of biomass, abundance, amphibiotic insects


In this article, the emergence of insects from a floodplain lake of the small Usman river in the Usman forest (Voronezh Oblast) was analyzed. The abundance and frequency of occurrence of 103 species from 7 orders were estimated. Widespread and dominant species and groups ( Chaoborus flavicans (Mg.) (Diрtera), Cloeon inscriрtum (Bgtss.), C. diрterum (L.) (Ephemeroptera) and Scirtes hemisphaericus (L.) (Coleoptera)) were defined. For the vegetative period, the abundance of emerging insects accounted for 1795.5 ± 174.0 ind/m2 of the water surface; their biomass amounted to 6756 ± 607.5 mg/m2. The extent of the removal of biomass was measured in weight and energy units. Also, the removal of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and essential fatty acids through the emergence of insects to floodplain terrestrial ecosystems was estimated.