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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2016 year, number 4

Substance and Energy Flows Formed by the Emergence of Amphibiotic Insects Across the Water-Air Boundary on Floodplain Lakes of the Volga River

1Saint Petersburg State University, 199034, Saint Petersburg, Universitetskaya emb., 7-9
2Saratov State University, 410012, Saratov, Astrakhanskaya str., 83
3Saratov State Medical University, 410012, Saratov, Bolshaya Kazachya str., 112
Keywords: амфибиотические насекомые, пойменные озера, потоки биомассы, потоки энергии, биогенные элементы, хирономиды, amphibiotic insects, floodplain lakes, imago emergence, substance flow, energy flow, biogenic elements, midges


The substance flow across the water-air boundary on the floodplain lake Kholodnoye (Saratov Oblast) is generally formed by the Culicomorpha (76.1 %) and accounts for 0.35 g/m2 of the lake area per year. The energy flow amounts to 1.87 kcal/m2, and its most part accounts for the second half of summer and autumn. Annual removal of biogenic elements: 0.18 g/m2 for carbon, 0.04 g/m2 for nitrogen, 0.004 g/m2 for phosphorus. The greatest contribution to flows of substance and energy is brought by large species of midges, as well as phantom midges and medium-sized midges which produce several generations within a year and reach high abundance at a larval stage. Other floodplain lakes of the Volga river with similar biotopical features and species composition of amphibiotic insects are characterized by a quantitatively similar level of exchange processes with adjacent land ecosystems across the water-air boundary.