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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2016 year, number 4

Biotic Fluxes of Matter and Energy Between Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems

1A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, RAS, 119071, Moscow, Leninsky ave., 33
2Institute of Biophysics, SB RAS, 660036, Krasnoyarsk, Akademgorodok, 50/50
3Siberian Federal University, 660041, Krasnoyarsk, Svobodny ave., 79
Keywords: экотон, амфибионты, биологические инвазии, биоразнообразие, потоки вещества и энергии, граница раздела "вода - суша", ecotone, amphibionts, biological invasions, biodiversity, fluxes of matter and energy, water-land interface


This paper is an introduction to the Special Issue of the Journal. Here, a brief historical delineation of the problem of studying interfaces between adjacent ecosystems (ecotones) was done. The high biodiversity of ecotones and their vulnerability to natural and anthropogenic impacts, including invasions of alien species, were noted. It was supposed that there was no contradiction between the ecotone and river continuum concepts. The important ecological role of amphibiotic animals and plants in interactions and functioning of the adjacent ecosystems was emphasized. The problem of studying the quantitative parameters of fluxes of matter and energy between ecosystems in conjunction with their qualitative parameters (the elemental and biochemical composition) was mentioned.