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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2016 year, number 3

Raw Material for Carbon Materials on the Basis of the Products of Coke Chemistry and Thermal Dissolution of Coal

1Postovsky Institute of Organic Synthesis, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ul. S. Kovalevskoy/Akademicheskaya 22/20, Yekaterinburg 620041
2JSC "Eastern Research Institute of Coal Chemistry", Ul. 8 Marta 14, Yekaterinburg 620990
Keywords: каменноугольный пек, антраценовая фракция, углеродные материалы, совместная дистилляция, нефтекаменноугольные пеки, термическое растворение углей, coal-tar pitch, anthracene fraction, carbon materials, joint distillation, petroleum and coal pitch, thermal dissolution of coal


Coal-tar pitch is a very important kind of raw material for obtaining industrial carbon materials. The dependence of the scale of its production and qualitative characteristics on the need for metallurgical coke and the conditions of coal coking requires the search for alternative kinds of raw material for carbon materials and the methods to govern their properties. The problems connected with obtaining raw matter for carbon materials on the basis of coal-tar resin processing and thermal dissolution of fossil coal are considered. Results of the works in this area carried out at the JSC “Eastern Research Institute of Coal Chemistry” and Postovsky Institute of Organic Synthesis, UrB RAS are described.