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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2016 year, number 1


A.A. Burmatov
Kuybyshev branch of the Novosibirsk State Paedagogical University, 7, Molodezhaya Str., Kuibyshev, Novosibirsk region, 632387, Russia
Keywords: Omsk region, Western Siberia, birth rate, mortality, infantile mortality, demographic transition


The article is based on the materials of the Current Archive of the Territorial Body of the Federal State Statistics Service in the Omsk region (Omskstat) including the archival materials from the fonds of Statistical directorate of the Omsk region (F.2122.) in the Historical Archive of the Omsk Region (HAOR). The paper comprehensively examines the population of the Omsk region in the 1950s-1970s. The author studies demographic development and traces demographic transition during the period from Stalinism to the “Thaw” and stagnation based on the archival records and materials which used to be «For office use only». Materials of the current statistics and population censuses of 1959 and 1970 are analyzed. The paper focuses on the natural movement of population which was the determining factor behind the evolutionary development of the region. The author reconstructs the times-series of the main demographic indicators: birth rate, mortality (including infantile), natural and mechanical movements, sex and age structures of the population. Trends and problems related to the birth and mortality rates, are studied. The author introduces a whole body of data on demographic development of the Omsk region previously unused by the scholars due to the censorial restrictions of the Soviet period. Materials of the current statistics of the period under study (1950 - 1970) there was a constant outflow of population from the Omsk region which was interrupted by the net migration gain in the years of development of virgin soils and intensive resettlements in the region.