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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2016 year, number 1

Effect of the Thermal Relaxation and Magnetic Field on Generalized Micropolar Thermoelasticity

M. I. A. Othman1, Y. Q. Song2
1Zagazig University, P.O. Box 44519, Zagazig, Egypt
2Xi' an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, 710049, People's Republic of China
Keywords: микрополярная электромагнитная термоупругость, теория Лорда-Шульмана, теория Грина-Линдсея, анализ нормальных колебаний, micropolar electromagneto-thermoelasticity, Lord-Shulman theory, Green-Lindsay theory, normal mode analysis


The model of generalized micropolar magneto-thermoelasticity for a thermally and perfectly conducting half-space is studied. The initial magnetic field is parallel to the boundary of the half-space. The formulation is applied to the generalized thermo-elasticity theories of Lord and Shulman, Green and Lindsay, as well as to the coupled dynamic theory. The normal mode analysis is used to obtain expressions for the temperature increment, the displacement, and the stress components of the model at the interface. By using potential functions, the governing equations are reduced to two fourth-order differential equations. By numerical calculation, the variation of the considered variables is given and illustrated graphically for a magnesium crystal micropolar elastic material. Comparisons are performed with the results predicted by the three theories in the presence of a magnetic field.