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Region: Economics and Sociology

2015 year, number 4

Quantitative evaluation of the demographic response to changes in living conditions in monotowns

V.B. Sochava Institute of Geography, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ulan-Bator st., 1, Irkutsk, 664033, Russia
Keywords: моногорода, историко-географический сравнительный анализ, демографическая реакция, интегрированная опасность жизнедеятельности, социально-экономические условия, monotowns, historical-geographical comparative analysis, de -mographic response, integrated hazard of life activity, socio-economic conditions


Changes in population dynamics point out the existence of unresolved socio-economic problems in settlements, especially in monotowns of different regions. The article proposes quantitative models and methods of historical-geographical analysis of time series data on the population that allow us to assess the living conditions and the quality of decisions made. The calculations are centered around the determination of how hazardous life activities are, which is based on the demographic response to the impact of multi-level factors of the natural and socio-economic conditions. We compare this reaction in mo-notowns of Russia with a view to identifying transformational features attributable to the spatial organization of the territory over the last decade. The proposed method can be used for comparative analysis of data reflecting the response of a region to various types of exposure.