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Region: Economics and Sociology

2015 year, number 4

Spatial clustering of innovative activities: meaning, effects, state support

Institute for Systems Analysis, Russian Academy of Sciences, 60th Anniversary October Revolution av., 9, Moscow, 117312, Russia
Keywords: региональная экономика, инновационное развитие, пространственные кластеры, государственная поддержка инноваций, regional economy, innovative development, spatial clusters, state support for innovation


In this article, the author investigates the opportunities and limitations of the cluster approach for addressing challenges concerned with the rapid development of innovative entrepreneurship in regions. Не analyzes the phenomenon of spatial innovation cluster as a form offocal spatial integration of geographically close companies and organizations that perform different functions (from research and training to production and transportation), but unified by their voluntary participation in scientific and engineering processes. It results in a high-technology product created by joint efforts of all participants in this specially organized cooperation. The article also considers prerequisites, conditions and consequences related to the use of spatial clusters. It clarifies the meaning, useful effects, requirements and lifecycle phases of the organizational form under analysis. The author emphasizes a crucial role of regional authorities in spatial clustering; he assesses the existing tasks and measures of state support. The article gives a general characterization for the implementation of the government program aimed at developing and supporting innovation clusters in the Russian regions.