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Region: Economics and Sociology

2015 year, number 4

Village-forming enterprise liquidation as a factor of depressiveness of non-diversified rural areas in perm krai

Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Tchaikovsky Branch, Lenin st., 73, Tchaikovsky, 617760, Perm Krai, Russia
Keywords: сельская монопрофильная территория, селообразу-ющее предприятие, сельское население, процессы деградации территории, депрессивность территории, безработица, миграция, бюджет муниципального района, non-diversified rural area, village-forming agricultural enterprise, the rural population, territory degradation processes, depressiveness of areas, unemployment, migration, the budget of the municipal district


The article suggests introducing a scientific term «village-forming agricultural enterprise)) as applied to agricultural organizations located in non-diversified rural areas. We carried out an analysis of statistical data characterizing the dynamics of social and economic development of rural municipal districts of Perm Krai in comparison with the average regional level. The analysis has revealed that Perm Krai municipal districts where a significant amount of village-forming agricultural enterprises was eliminated take the lowest places in dynamics ratings for the registered unemployment level, migration population decline, reduction of the working-age people per pensioner, agricultural production, and budget balancing. We have concluded that the liquidation of village-forming agricultural enterprises is a prime factor for the degradation of the socioeconomic sphere in rural areas; it aggravates their depression. To increase the attractiveness of rural labor and preserve human capital in agricultural production, we propose to abolish the tax on individual agricultural producers. The article proves the necessity to develop a mechanism that would transfer abandonedfields and timberland ofagricultural designation into forest reserve lands. In order to increase employment and reduce unemployment, it is necessary to organize a publicly funded community service that would take care of forests in these areas. To provide opportunities for labor mobility for the people who find workplaces outside depressed non-diversified rural areas, we propose to improve the organization of intra-settlement pubtic transport. To increase employment, we suggest supporting the development of non-standard employment forms.