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Region: Economics and Sociology

2015 year, number 4

Internalization of intolerance as a risk to regional development

New Siberian Institute, Obye-dineniya st., 82/2, Novosibirsk, 630027, Russia
Keywords: многонациональное государство, межнациональные отношения, интолерантность, риск в региональном развитии, иностранная трудовая миграция, отношения В«свои - чужиеВ», межнациональная напряженность, Красноярский край, multinational state, interethnic relations, intolerance, risk to regional development, foreign labor migrations, insiders-outsiders relation, interethnic tension, Krasnoyarsk Krai


The article presents the findings of the research on interethnic relations in one of the largest regions of Russia. The paper shows the processes associated with the forms of socialization in a multinational state. It also presents the stance of those individuals who are intolerant to living in such a formation, as well as a social portrait of supporters and opponents of a multinational state. We consider the nature of relations with labor migrants' ethnic groups and state policy measures in this field. We determine the characteristics of interactions within the inner and outer circles, which are based on ethnicity. The article proves the presence of barriers to family relationships related to interethnic ones. The main elements of a potential ethnic conflict are described as follows: positions of participants, an image of an «enemy», and a subject of its development. Based on mapping of the region, we show the locations of tension in interethnic relations. The study results clearly define four centers of such tension. Two of them are on the borders with other two Russian federal subjects. It is fraught with a potential contention, its growth and transformation into an interregional conflict. The feasibility of this risk is confirmed by the intensity of particular organizational activities in social media.