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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2015 year, number 5

Necessity and Essence of the New Approach to the Evaluation of Composition, Properties of Substances and Materials (for Water Quality Control as Example)

Institute of Water Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ul. Gubkina 3, Moscow 119333 (Russia)
Keywords: абсолютное доверие, приемлемый риск, априорная информация, контролируемый показатель качества, выборочная совокупность, доверительный интервал, absolute confidence, acceptable risk, a priori information, controllable quality parameter, sampled population, confidence interval


The concept of acceplable risk of the violation of statistical interval boundaries is proposed instead of the existing approach to the evaluation of composition and properties of substances and materials on the basis of the concept of absolute confidence to measurement results. For water quality control as example, it is demonstrated that though the novel approach, similarly to the existing one, does not provide complete faultlessness of conclusions concerning controllable parameters on the basis of the results of sampling tests, it ensures the target level of reliability (risk) of estimations, necessary for making correct scientific and managemend decisions. It is also demonstrated that decreased risk of erroneous acceptance of the correspondence of controllable parameters to established requirements in the case of actual discrepancy may be provided by the substitution of nonrigorous method of restriction by the rigorous one.