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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2015 year, number 5

Effect of Oxide Coatings on the Corrosion Stability of Bazalt Fibres in Strongly Alkaline Medium

Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ul. Kutateladze 18, Novosibirsk 630128 (Russia)
Keywords: базальтовое волокно, покрытия, диоксид циркония, диоксид титана, щелочная устойчивость, фибробетон, bazalt fibres, coatings, zirconium dioxide, titanium dioxide, stability to alkalis, fibroconcrete


It was demonstrated that preliminary surface modification of basalt fibres through the deposition of oxide coatings enhances the stability of fibres in the alkaline medium opf concrete matrix. It was established that unprotected fibres exhibits the highest corrosion degree in the concrete matrix in comparison with the fibres coated with titanium dioxide or zirconium dioxide. A positive effect of increased stability of fibres to alkalis as a result of deposition of protective coatings ios accompanied by insignificant decrease in compression strength of fibroconcrete; the compression strength decreases in the sequence: uncoated fibres - fibres coated with titanium dioxide - fibres coated with zirconium dioxide. Varying the chemical nature of protective coatings, one may affect the degree of adhesion between fibres and the concrete matrmix and, as a consequence, the mechanical properties of fibroconcrete.