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Journal of Mining Sciences

2015 year, number 5

Modifying Acid-Base Surface Properties of Calcite, Fluorite and Scheelite in Electromagnetic Pulse Treatment

Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources-IPKON Russian Academy of Sciences, Kryukovskii tupik 4, Moscow, 11120 Russia
Keywords: кальцит, флюорит, шеелит, наносекундные электромагнитные импульсы, индикаторный метод, кислотно-основные свойства, поверхность твердого тела, calcite, fluorite, scheelite, nano-second electromagnetic pulses, indicator method, acid-base properties, solid surface


With acid-base indicators, the change in functional composition of surface of calcite, fluorite and scheelite under the action of high-voltage nano-second pulses has been analyzed. After impulse treatment of mineral samples for t ≤ 50 s, the concentration of electron-donor Lewis (рКа = - 4.4) and proton-donor (рКа = 1.3, рКа = 4.1) Brønsted centers has grown on the surface of calcite. It is shown in the article that basic transformations of fluorite and scheelite surface under pulse treatment are connected with mutual transformations of Lewis bases and Brønsted acids.