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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2015 year, number 2

Specific Features of Ignition and Combustion of Composite Fuels Containing Aluminum Nanoparticles (Review)

A. M. Starik, A. M. Savel'ev, N. S. Titova
Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motors, Moscow, 111116 Russia
Keywords: nanoparticles, ignition, combustion, composite fuel, reaction mechanism, condensed phase, nonstationary nucleation


Modern research of properties of aluminum nanoparticles and specific features of their combustion in various media is reviewed. Particular attention is paid to the mechanism of combustion of Al nanoparticles in air and water vapor. Results of experimental and theoretical investigations are presented, which testify to the validity of the gas-phase concept of combustion of Al nanoparticles. A large part of the paper deals with numerical studies of combustion of a composite fuel consisting of a hydrocarbon (methane) and Al nanoparticles in air. The kinetic mechanism of Al combustion in the gas phase is presented. The mechanisms of ignition of this fuel are analyzed. The methodology of simulating the formation of the condensed phase consisting of Al2O3 particles is discussed. Results of experimental investigations of ignition and combustion of liquid and vaporized hydrocarbon fuels containing a moderate amount of Al nanoparticles are presented.