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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 6


L. P. Zagorulko
Novosibirsk Military Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Klyuch-Kamishenskoye plato, 6/2, Novosibirsk, 630114
Keywords: social philosophy, linguistic/language landscape, world order, interaction of globalization and language processes


The language changes, taking place in the post-Soviet Russia, require the development of conceptual framework and methods for tracing the globalization and linguistic processes in collaboration. One of such methods, in our view, can be the method of «language landscape, allowing one to explore the language status of the society as a whole, in contrast to the «linguistic landscape as a method of investigating the language problems only. The author believes that changing of the language landscape depends on the geopolitical processes. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about «language landscape category not only from the point of view of Linguistics, but also from the perspective of social philosophy. Since language as a universal medium of communication reflects changes in all spheres of society, the conceptual scope of the «language landscape term should not be limited to the linguistic framework. The problems facing society in the context of globalization are complex and their solution requires interaction of all the sciences. It is for philosophy that the studies of social interactions are important, because they confirm the urgency of the problem of interaction of languages in terms of the development of society. According to the author, in this context the notions of «language landscape and «world order can be seen as synonyms, since language problems could help resolve many contradictions, which at first sight have nothing to do with Linguistics. Study of the language landscape in terms of social philosophy is conditioned by that the metaphor is such a categorical phenomenon in which initially a dual entity is put, which is expressed in terms of ontological dualism, creating an opportunity for studying metaphor from different positions. Since the study of language landscape involves a complex study, whereas philosophy is called to provide a generalized vision of the subject areas of various sciences, the category of «language landscape as a research method of social philosophy allows one to identify issues that require further study in various aspects.