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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 6


S. A. Stepanov
Novosibirsk state pedagogical University, Vilyuiskaya str., 28, Novosibirsk, 630126, Russia
Keywords: education forms, self-navigation, tutoring, pedagogical ontologies, practices of individualization


In the article, the problem of methodological support of the pedagogical assistance to pupils’ self-navigation is considered. The material of the article is based on the synthesis of personal experience of the author and the experience of the colleagues-tutors. Taking into account the personal experience and the experience of fellow tutors, we note a number of specific points in the tutor model in the ontology of formation and development: 1) actions in a situation of uncertainty, not carrying out of a program. Since others are not given knowledge about where the incarnate person is going to strive and move, it is always necessary to extend a definition, to explore, to clarify the situation, each time to reconstruct the situation of the pupil, the direction of his/her movement, to coordinate the direction and means; 2) specific knowledge about support and self-navigation. On one hand, the tutor must possess a chart of the environment, where the pupil is to move and use its resources, and, on the other, the tutor must help him/her develop some techniques of self-navigation and self-organization. 3) the personal experience of self-navigation. The success of understanding another person as becoming another requires an ability to reconstruct its internal states, subjective action and fix them by some internal markers of one’s own movement. Therefore, more effective support is provided by the tutors who themselves have realized their experience of becoming, transforming themselves, who themselves may compose their own map of self-navigation. The author of the article considers institutionalization of educational forms of new educational practice of individualization and tutoring, associated with support of the process of self-navigation of the pupils in the educational institution, as a problem that requires changing the ontological concepts in the educational community. The author links the idea of self-navigation with the concept of «practices of oneself» by M. Foucault.