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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 6


T. A. Kononova
Novosibirsk Military Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Klyuch-Kamishenskoye plato, 6/2, Novosibirsk, 630114
Keywords: motivation, learning activity, contemporary education, learning-cognition interest, meaning of learning, a need to learn


The author analyses the content and essence of the problem of motivation for solving the training problems at the contemporary stage of education development. A theoretical aspect of the issue is investigated in the article. The interrelation and hierarchic composition of the motivational sphere of pupils learning as well as its main components are shown. Thus, the formation of motivation is substantiated not only as the increasing of either positive or negative attitude towards learning, but as sophistication of the motivational spheres structure, the motives there and appearance of new relations between them. The topicality of the studying the problem of motivation hardly needs any justification. A stable cognitive interest of pupils, their motivation is the central criterion of the effectiveness of the educational process. Motivation for learning is a key factor of modern education, since to the teachers attention there come not only the pupils learning, but also student's personal development, the formation of his/her ideals and value orientations. In the practical activity of the teacher and the school psychologist, the question of learning motivation is a burning one. At that, it is very important to understand what determines the motivation. How is it related to adaptation to school? Does the educational motivation depend on the relations with teachers and parents? And in general, what happens to learning motivation during the school years? We believe that pedagogy and psychology will become humanistic, when all the problems of training, including the problem of learning motivation, are viewed through the prism of pupils personal growth.