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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 6


V. N. Nikitenko
Institute of Complex Analysis of Regional Problems, Far-Eastern Branch of RAS, Str. of Sholom Aleichem, 4, Birobidzhan, 679016
Keywords: globalization, education, teaching, upbringing, the national and the foreign, value orientations, economy, market


In the conditions of globalization in modern world, some nations and peoples inevitably are borrowing certain attributes of the foreign origin. These borrowing also occur in the national education systems. In this situation it is important to keep to the principle of national spirit, which K. Ushinskiy (a Russian pedagogue) substantiated yet in the middle of the XIX century. According with this principle, the national education systems, while borrowing from the educational systems of other countries, preserve the national spirit. It is possible to borrow the foreign scientific achievements, enriching the content of learning through them. The foreign systems of upbringing cannot be borrowed. The national education, which incorporates the achievements of world science into teaching and the relevant folk traditions into upbringing, is capable of exerting a decisive influence on the sustainable joint development of the society and nature. The topicality of the article consists in that it reflects an attempt to define the limits of the permissible in borrowing the foreign in the educational sphere. To solve this problem, we use a methodology of analysis of theoretical views and the experience of borrowing the foreign in education. The foreign is defined as something that originated in the educational systems of other countries.