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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 6


A. A. Danchay-ool1,2
1A. I. Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, Lenin str., 5, 203, Kyzyl, Republic of Tuva, 667000
2Tuva State University
Keywords: antinomies, thinking, upbringing, dialectics, culture


In this paper, the problem is indicated of the emergence of the antinomies containing in the purposes of the existing system of upbringing. It is noted that the rational thing-oriented thinking leads to a crisis of social order, further exacerbation of atomization and individualization of the person. The system of upbringing based on a rational approach to the definition of knowledge, cannot overcome the appearing antinomies, since the initial position has not solved the basic problem of verification of knowledge. A generation is being created, torn away from the reality and not seeing its own existence in the reality. Our education system does not take into account the holistic formation of the person and tries to instill higher faculties of spiritual formation in the beginning of this process. Dialectically, the formation and life activity of the individual person takes place in a «symphonic» personality, which is understood as a collective entity with certain features allowing selecting it from the subject of all mankind. Full-features personality must be formed to be active, as the human thought itself is active. The presence of activity allows a concrete historical community (the people) to transform a specific existence. An infinite sphere appears of understanding and implementation of individual and collective freedom. Labor as the ability to change the surrounding reality is the basis of human activity. Creative activity as a way of human activity produces a personality that is holistic and harmonious. Its establishment takes place while taking into account all the features and emotional development of all parties. The all-round development of the personality presupposes a greater degree of freedom in terms of creativity and social relations, life activity in dialectical unity with concrete historical community. This, in turn, points to the fact that such a person realizes his/her creative abilities.