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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 6


M. V. Tarasova, V. I. Kudashov
Siberian Federal University, Svobodnyy prospekt, 82, Krasnoyarsk
Keywords: system of education, educational ideal, social system, social ideal, system of culture, culture ideal, ideal creation, human relationship with the world, the law of social-cultural reflection


The main purpose of the article is to investigate the educational mechanism of social transformations under influence of the process of creating culture ideals. While discovering the system principle of development of social-cultural space, it is important to understand the role of education in the interrelation of these two systems. The study shows the significance of the social system in the realization of a multi-layered educational activity generated by culture ideals. The ideals of culture are defined as regulators of social changes. The work helps to understand the nature of dialectic relationship between social and culture systems, to realize the mutual necessity of two systems in each other and to see the role of education in organization of this process. It is proved that culture is responsible for shaping the society and strengthening it with culture ideals. The study results in producing the law of social-cultural reflection: culture forms the society and in response the society helps culture in its development. The research allows the authors to state that the relationship between culture and society is operated through the education system. Ideals created at the basis of culture system later, in the form of educational ideals, produce an educational effect on the society where they get transformed again — into social ideals, which prove to be fundamental for the social system. Thus the transformational chain is discovered: an ideal of culture — educational ideal - social ideal. The ideals of culture lead to appearance of social ideals thus making the basis for the society, strengthening it with the help of their own educational potential. The system of culture based on ideals regulates the development of social system, generating social ideals as forms of their own educational activity. At the same time, the social system gives the system of culture essential human resources of individual implementation of ideals created in culture and thus helping culture to work regularly. Culture needs society as a field for actualization and extrapolation of those ideal representatives of human relationship with the world that were created in it. Society needs culture as a mechanism for its ideal organization. The ideals of culture are transformed into social ones by means of education. The cultural educational level of formation of a man-made system of education working by means of different social institutions is crucial for the regulation of the society with the help of culture ideals. Culture ideals are the origins of social transformations. The educational mechanism of ideal creation influences the process of social changes. The program of human relationship with the world, contained in culture ideals, creates individual viewpoints and general social ideology.