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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 6


Z. A. Demchenko
M. V. Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Northern Dvina embankment, D. 17, Arkhangelsk, 63002
Keywords: research activities, value, value-based positive attitude, value-orienting (or evaluating) activity, organizational culture, new educational paradigm


In the situation of consideration of the new educational paradigm, the development of innovative processes in higher education, addressing the problem of integration of science into education, the universities have to reconsider their attitude to the research activities of students (future potential of the scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel). The author sees the solution in the formation of value-based positive attitude of students towards the research activity. The author takes into account that at the present stage of modernization of Russian education, consistent with the post-industrial stage of development, the activity of pedagogical science and practice should be directed to the solution of the problem of updating the conceptual approaches (in terms of strengthening the theory of science) in the process of formation a value-based attitude of the subjects of the educational process towards this type of organizational culture based on the accumulated historical experience and taking into account the methodological foundations of the philosophical theory of values, modern etymological and epistemological analysis of values, the development of hermeneutic meaning of modern higher education and the role of pedagogical process in the development of this relationship. Based on this, the research activity of students is presented for the first time as a value — orienting (or estimating) activity and organizational culture. On the basis of modern epistemological analysis of values, the author introduced into the context of study an axiological triad of the attitudes of the subject to the research activities: value — passive or indifferent (null); value — negative, not willing (negative); value-based positive, desiring (positive). This allows justifying the preconditions and possibilities of the development of the value-based positive attitude of student towards research activities in the educational process of the University.