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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 6


N. P. Chupakhin, V. D. Pavlova
Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Kiyevskaya ulitsa, 60А, Tomsk, 634061
Keywords: social, conceptual, spiritual and material subspaces of the cultural world, mathematical interpretation of philosophical concepts


The article analyzes a possible approach to philosophical reflection on the process of spiritual formation of the cultural world of the person. In particular, there is revealed in a new fashion the meaning of education as a process of formation of a concept of nurturing the spiritual culture of the person on the basis of conceptual culture of scientific knowledge. The meaning-related component of this process is revealed through a new culturological concept of the culture of needs and capabilities Vista, built on the basis of four cultural spaces: social culture, conceptual culture, spiritual culture and material culture. Through the interrelation of the close interaction between cultural needs and capabilities of the person in his/her prospects of the developed consciousness, the main purpose of spiritual culture is defined as the formation in the society’s interest of a particular type of human personality in the relation with the society, nature and the real and the virtual world through the search for the meaning of education, through the possession of the culture of conceptual knowledge. There is also another aspect of the search for this meaning which is the formation of cognitive abilities of the person during the process of mastering the values of the spiritual world, enrichment and development of the higher consciousness of the individual. The third aspect of searching for the meaning of education is self-education and self-upbringing of spiritual, creative individuals, from which there is formed in the society a community of professionals (mostly, the intelligentsia), involved in the creation and development of spiritual values. The fourth aspect is the aspect of creation of the individual spiritual personal values with a strongly manifested system of motives of the fundamental, that is, ideal need of the person in education and his/her social need of using his/her capabilities for a wide range of establishment of the universal spiritual values of the whole mankind, general superior intelligence. Formation of the spiritual cultural person is the result of finding the meaning of education with the mutual correspondence of all the cultures of Vista. Therefore, among the strategic directions of development of education and science, it is necessary to provide a preferential right of science to the development of conceptual culture, and education should be instructed to pay more attention to upbringing of spiritual culture as a meaning-forming part of the construction of the cultural individual world of the person.