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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 6


I. A. Pfanenshtil, M. P. Yatsenko
Siberian Federal University, Svobodnyy prospekt, 82, Krasnoyarsk
Keywords: educational trends, global trends, globalization, educational system


The topicality of this article is due to the ambiguity of contemporary globalization processes, which are often in conflict with the educational traditions of a particular society. Information technologies create a new methodological basis on which the modern educational system can and should operate, because education is largely determined by the world-scale global trends specific to the information society. In today's domestic education there increasingly appear alien traditions which are imparted by the use of advanced information technologies. In particular, in the social networks there are often preached the ideas of «Westernism», which cast doubt on such important traditions of the national education system as the inseparability of learning and upbringing, together with its ethical orientation. Modern educational practice shows that the information innovations in education, along with quite a number of clear advantages, create some problematic situations. First, the ease of obtaining any information creates a light-minded approach to life. Second, the pursuit of promptness of getting information makes it impossible to take seriously its sources. Third, the pushiness of information flows leads to a gradual loss of the need for social communication. The most important principles, which reflect best the essence of global education, should be freedom, justice, humanity, peace, peace-making, non-aggressive thinking and behavior. The basis of all programs is the unity of human and national values, equality and equal rights of the subjects of international relations and others. However, in recent years there is more and more clearly manifested the duality of ethical standards that the West imposes on the entire world; and our school and college students as the most mobile category of the population of Russia clearly face that. In particular, they point out the ambiguity of such fundamental criteria of the Western way of life as democracy, freedom of speech, the priority of law. Reforming the domestic education on a fundamentally new basis, taking into account global trends, should be oriented to the future based on the traditions of Russian cosmism. The most important condition for the viability and prosperity of any civilization is a variety of ethno-national, social, cultural, religious and other elements, which constitute it and which are combined into a kind of community of states, nations and peoples.