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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 6


N. V. Polishchuk
Rivne State Humanitarian University, str. Stepan Bandera, 12, Rivne, Ukraine 33000
Keywords: science, education, technics, technologies, reason, spirituality, morals, informational-highly technological progress, space-extraterrestrial civilization, image of the person of the future


The author analyzes the prospects of the further cognition of the world and scientific-technical development of civilization during the epoch of modern informational-highly-technological progress. It is substantiated that only in the unity of reason and spirituality of mankind the space-extraterrestrial future of our civilization is possible. It is confirmed that the strategic purpose of philosophy of education is the formation of the space-extraterrestrial type of the person as an image of the person of the future. There is offered a conception of the perfect spirituality-moral personality as an image of the person of the space-extraterrestrial future, which the education system and philosophy of education should bring up already today. A scheme is developed of the revolutionary and spiritual development of mankind, according to which, after a social-economic phenomenon of the third wave in the form of scientific-technical revolution of the middle of the XX century, there is being realized the fourth wave (end of the XX and beginning of the ղ century), during which the information-highly-technological scientific-technical progress and educational-upbringing revolution are being realized, which provide considerably new knowledge, science, technics and technologies (including the space technologies), life-sustaining means and creation of a spiritually-moral society with high spirituality of the original Christians during the life of Jesus Christ. However, the irreversible contamination of the environment, negative changes of the climate, exhaustion of resources of the Earth and natural power sources, a demographic factor, local military conflicts have led mankind to catastrophic exhaustion of resources of life-support of earthmen, which leads to a total collapse in the middle of ղ century. Therefore, a point of bifurcation of the society is possible: whether the development of mankind will go along a space, highly spiritual way or a crisis of the society will come - spiritually-moral, eco-global, anthropological crisis, mental incompatibility and, as a consequence, the third world war ending in a crash of civilization, its disappearance from the surface of the Earth and, possibly, the Earth itself. In case of a positive spiritually-moral development of civilization, the fifth wave will come, within which a space revolution will takes place - moving of mankind into space, expansion of its vital space (cosmic expansion), because the planet Earth will not withstand enormous anthropological over-pressure (which already has begun now). It will become possible, when the mankind creates a space-highly-spiritual noospheric society, the further evolution of which will lead to creation of an advanced cosmic super-civilization. The latter will become possible, if the transition from «homo sapiens to the highly-spiritual, space-extraterrestrial (divine) human being will be realized. In this case, such human space super-civilization will exist eternally.