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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2014 year, number 5

Lift Force Acting on a Cylindrical Body in a Fluid Near the Boundary of a Cavity Performing Translational Vibrations

A. A. Ivanova, V. G. Kozlov, and V. D. Shchipitsyn
Perm' State Humanitarian Pedagogical University, Perm' 614990 Russia
Keywords: vibrations, vibrational mechanics, cylindrical body, hydrodynamic interaction, lift force


The averaged lift force acting on a cylindrical body near the boundary of a cavity with a fluid performing translational vibrations was studied. Experiments were performed with variation the viscosity of the fluid, the size and relative density of the body, and vibration parameters were varied. The lift force was measured by the method of dynamic suspension of a body in a gravitational field in the case where the body performed inertial vibrations without touching the walls. It was found that the vibrations generated a repulsion force which held the heavy body over the bottom of the cavity, and the light body at a certain distance from the top wall. It was shown that the effect of the repulsion forces manifested itself at a distance comparable to the thickness of the Stokes layer and increased with approach to the wall. A description of the mechanism of generation of the lift force is given. It is shown that in the case of high dimensionless frequencies, the experimental and theoretical results are in agreement.