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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2014 year, number 4

Determination of true temperature of opaque materials via spectral distribution of thermal radiation intensity: application of Wien’s displacement law

S.P. Rusin
The Joint Institute for High Temperatures of RAS, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: Wien’s displacement law, emissivity, true temperature


The equation for the derivative connecting surface spectral emissivity, wavelength, and thermodynamic (true) temperature of an opaque heated body at the point of spectral maximum of thermal radiation was obtained. It is suggested to solve the problem of determining the true temperature of an opaque surface in two stages. At the first stage, the spectral range, most comfortable for approximation of body emissivity, is distinguished using a special function (relative emissivity), and the true temperature is determined. At the second stage, the true temperature is determined again using the resulting equation for the derivative. The dimensionless parameter that connects the radiative properties of material with the peak wavelength and characterizes deviation from Wien’s displacement law was found. If the absolute value of this parameter is low, the value of true temperature obtained at the first step can be specified at the second stage. This approach is illustrated by experimental data obtained at comparison of spectral radiance of the temperature lamps.