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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2014 year, number 3

Ecological Structure of Vegetation Cover of Taiga and Alpine Territory: Detection and Representation of Basic Peculiarities by the Mapping Method

1Pacific Geographical Institute, FEB RAS, 690041, Vladivostok, Radio str., 7
2Far Eastern Federal University, 690950, Vladivostok, Sukhanova str., 8
Keywords: mountain, vegetation, landscape, zonality, successional series, ecological factors


A geobotanical map of territory of the upper part of the Bureya river basin was produced. The zonality, general diversity and spatial ratio of vegetation classes, location on relief (landscape) and dynamic series of vegetation are represented on the map of actual vegetation cover. Mapping as a method of investigation, as a rule, leads to a higher level of understanding of basic peculiarities of an object. A map as a result of an investigation reflects clearly the main features of basic peculiarities of the object in accordance to a map scale, or shows clearly the shortcomings of the study.