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The journal "Ateroskleroz"

2014 year, number 1


Yu.P. Nikitin1, G.I. Simonova1, K.K. Sozonova2, O.V. Tatarinova3
1Institution of Internal and Preventive Medicine of SB RAMS, 630089, Novosibirsk, Boris Bogatkov str., 175/1
2Republican Hospital N3, Geriatric Centre, 677000, Yakutsk, Pokrovsky highway, 8 km
3Yakut Scientific Centre of Complex Medical Problems of SB RAMS, 677010, Yakutsk, Sergelyakhskoe highway, 4
Keywords: metabolic syndrome, blood lipids, hyper-LDL-cholesterol


The average content of LDL cholesterol obtained 138.8±39.3 mg/dl, in natives, but non-natives have obtained similar values: 137.7±38.5 and 140.8±40.0 ( р n-nn = 0.56) in the general population sample of olders ( n = 485 pers.). Average values of LDL cholesterol content in group without metabolic syndrome (MS-) obtained 126.1±42.1 mg/dl, in MS(+) group - 150.7±32.4 mg/dl ( р = 0.0001) by RSSC 2009. Determine the frequency of elevated levels of LDL cholesterol (≥115 mg/dl) is 72.4 % in the general population, without significant difference between natives and non-natives. In MS(+) and MS(-) groups, the results of the frequency of hyper-LDL cholesterol obtained close in five definitions of MS. The differences in figures are not large and statistically significant ( p > 0.1). And in only one case (by RSSC analysis) differences in the values of hyper-LDL between MS(+) and MS(-) groups received significant. Conclusion: High level of LDL cholesterol in all MS definitions has no significant differences in the frequency in MS(+) and MS(-) groups of elderly urban population of Yakutia, and also in comparison with population values of hyper-LDL. It allows to recognize that there is no reason to recommend in medical practice the use of the criterion LDL cholesterol in MS diagnosis.