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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2014 year, number 2

Thermogravitational Mechanism of Alignment of the Front of Chemoconvection Patterns with an Exothermic Chemical Reaction

D. A. Bratsun
Perm' State Humanitarian Pedagogical University, Perm', 614990 Russia
Keywords: chemoconvection, Rayleigh instability, Rayleigh-Taylor instability, neutralization, heat release


This paper studies the stability of the front of chemoconvective finger patterns spontaneously formed in a two-layer system of reacting liquids placed in a narrow gap between two solid plates. The mathematical model of this process includes a system of equations that take into account chemical reaction, diffusion, and convection, written in the Hele-Shaw approximation. Numerical analysis of the model shows that with increasing intensity of heat release, the envelope of the salt fingers is smoothed and chemoconvection occurs in a narrow region adjacent to the interface.