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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2013 year, number Приложение 1


V. Ya. Kavun1,2, A. B. Slobodyuk1, L. N. Alekseiko2, V. K. Goncharuk2, E. B. Merkulov1,2, R. M. Yaroshenko1
1Institute of Chemistry, Far Eastern Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences
2Far Eastern Federal University
Keywords: bismuth fluoride glasses, 7Li, 19F, 23Na NMR spectra, ionic mobility, fluorides of alkali metals, zirconium and bismuth


Results of the 7Li, 19F, and 23Na NMR studies of ionic mobility in bismuth fluoride glasses in the systems BiF3–LiF and BiF3–MF–ZrF4 (M = Li, Na, K, Cs) are summarized. Analysis of the 7Li, 19F, and 23Na NMR spectra made it possible to reveal changes in the nature of ion motions in the fluoride, lithium and sodium sublattices of glasses upon temperature variation and to determine their types. The temperature ranges were found where main types of ion motions in the tested glasses are represented by diffusion of lithium ions, reorientations of fluorine-containing groups constituting the glass network, and diffusion of fluorine ions. The role of alkali cations in the formation of ionic mobility in bismuth fluorozirconate glasses is considered.