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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2013 year, number 10

Inner gravity waves in the troposphere

V.B. Kashkin
Siberian Federal University, 79, Svobodny Prospect, Krasnoyarsk, 660041, Russia
Keywords: space technologies, vertical profiles of the atmosphere, the polytropic atmosphere, internal gravitational waves, dew point, temperature inversion, mirror wave, interval waves at the ocean, an earthquake in Japan 2011


The technique of passive space infrared and microwave atmospheric sounding is discussed. A result of analysis of the sounding is discovery of tropospheric inner gravity waves (IGW). It is possible to investigate now the infrasonic IGW with frequency of 4 × 10–5 Hz or less. A wave, looking like mirror of IGW, is found in the initial part of the tropopause, the wave is named mirror wave (MW). MW origin is discussed, a simulation of IGW and MW is realized. The meteorologic events, explosives and seismic activity may excite IGW and MW. Diagrams of IGW and MW during the Japan catastrophic earthquake of 2011 are shown. The before-earthquake region with large seismic activity is found.