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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2013 year, number 10

Spectral-luminescence and generation properties of organic luminophors of red range of spectra

A.K. Aimukhanov1, N.Kh. Ibrayev1, E.V. Seliverstova1, T.N. Kopylova2, R.M. Gadirov2, E.N. Telminov2, T.A. Solodova2, K.M. Degtyarenko2, D.S. Tabakaev2, E.N. Ponyavina2, V.I. Alexeeva3, L.E. Marinina3, L.P. Savvina3
1E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University, 100028, Karaganda, Universitetskaya Str., 28, Kazakhstan
2Siberian Physical-Technical Institute, 634050, Tomsk, pl. Novo-Sobornaya, 1, Russia
3Federal National Unitary State Scientific Centre NIOPIK, 123995, Moscow, B. Sadovaya Str., 1/4
Keywords: solid state active media, lasing, fluorescence, operating lifetime, thin-film laser


Spectral-luminescent and lasing properties of chromene 3 (CAS No. 52372-39-1) and chromene 13 (CAS No. 52372-36-8) in solutions and solid matrices are investigated. The regularities of their changes depended on the molecular structure and intermolecular interactions have been studied. It is shown that the fluorescence quantum yields of the studied compounds are high (0.9%). The studied compounds emit in red spectral range in solutions, films and matrices of PMMA (> 600 nm). The lasing efficiency of solid active media based on chromene 3 pumped by the second harmonic of YAG-Nd3+ in transverse pumping reaches 45%. Operating lifetime is comparable to the best-known organic solid state active media that emit in the red spectral range (over 30,000 pulses at one point at decreased efficiency by 5–10%). For chromene 13 lasing efficiency in solutions and matrices is lower (28% and 21%), operating lifetime of the solid active medium is high. The possibility of obtaining the generation of the compounds in thin films was studied.