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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2013 year, number 4

Method of Calculating Residual Stresses in Semicircular Notches in a Surface Hardened Hollow Cylindrical Specimen

M. N. Saushkin, V. P. Radchenko, A. Yu. Kurov
Keywords: hollow cylindrical specimen, surface plastic deformation, semicircular notch, distribution of residual stresses, finite element method


A method is proposed to study the distribution of residual stresses in a semicircular notch in a hollow cylindrical specimen after advanced surface plastic deformation. The initial information used in the method is one or two experimentally determined components of the residual stress tensor in the hardened layer of the smooth specimen. The problem is solved using a finite element technique taking into account initial plastic strains, which are set in correspondence to the residual stresses according to the laws of elasticity. The effect of the hardening technology and notch depth on the distribution of residual stresses is studied. Experimental verification of the method showed that the calculated and experimental data on the stress distribution over the depth of the layer are in good agreement.