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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2013 year, number 4

Seiche Oscillations in a Rectangular Channel with an Abrupt Expansion of the Cross Section

V. I. Bukreev, I. V. Sturova, A. V. Chebotnikov
Keywords: seiches, shallow water theory, natural frequencies and modes, laboratory experiment, spectral analysis


The natural frequencies and modes of seiche oscillations in a closed water reservoir consisting of a long narrow channel connected to a wide basin were investigated theoretically and experimentally. Calculations were made using linear shallow-water theory in two-dimensional and one-dimensional formulations. The spectral properties of free-surface oscillations at points lying on the nodal lines of the first four modes of seiche oscillations were studied experimentally. The one-dimensional model adequately predicts lower-mode frequencies, but the data on the positions of the nodal points of seiche oscillations obtained using this model are somewhat different from those obtained experimentally and using the two-dimensional model.