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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2013 year, number 4

Model of the Behavior of the Mixture with Different Properties of the Species under High Dynamic Loads

S. A. Kinelovskii, K. K. Maevskii
Keywords: shock adiabat, porous heterogeneous medium, powder mixture, thermodynamic equality, additive approximation, GrГјneisen coefficient, alloys


Within the framework of a thermodynamically equilibrium model, dynamic loading of mixtures of two and more condensed phases with different properties within the experimental error is described by using species parameters only. The behavior of alloys considered as mixtures with the same volume fractions of the species is studied. The behavior of condensed phases for solid and porous materials is described with the use of the equation of state of the Mie–Grüneisen type and with allowance for the dependence of the Grüneisen coefficient on temperature. The calculated results are compared with experimental data and available calculated results in wide ranges of parameters.