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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2013 year, number 4

Kinetics of Oxidation and Combustion of Complex Hydrocarbon Propellants: Jet Propellant

A. M. Starik, N. S. Titova, S. A. Torokhov
Keywords: heavy hydrocarbon propellants, jet propellant, reaction mechanism, ignition, cool flame phenomena


A kinetic model of ignition and combustion of heavy n-alkenes n-C10H 22 and n-C12H26), benzene, and jet propellant Jet-A, hich is modeled by a BD surrogate consisting of n -decane 80%) and benzene (20%), is developed. The model is tested through comparisons with a large set of experimental data on the ignition delay time in both higher-temperature ( T > 1000 K) and low-temperature ( T = 650–950 K) regions and also on the behavior of species concentrations during benzene oxidation in a flow-type reactor and during benzene combustion in a special burner. Other reaction mechanisms developed for the description of combustion of various surrogates modeling kerosene are briefly analyzed. It is demonstrated that the proposed model ensures a more adequate description of the measured ignition delay times than other known kinetic models, especially in the low-temperature range ( T = 650–950 K). Specific features of the kinetics of low-temperature oxidation of the BD surrogate are analyzed.