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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2013 year, number 3


K. O. Sabdenov, Erzada Maira
Keywords: negative erosion effect, critical Vilyunov number, Bulgakov–Lipanov number
Pages: 273-282


A mechanism of the negative erosive burning (effect) in the channel of a rocket motor propellant charge is proposed. Reduction in the burning rate results from a decrease in the flame temperature due to conversion of the chemical reaction heat to the kinetic energy of the gas. There is a critical value of the Vilyunov number above which steady-state propellant combustion is impossible. Steady-state combustion is possible up to a factor of 1/e1/2 decrease in the burning rate compared to the original value. An explanation is given for the weak manifestation of the negative erosion effect with a decrease in the initial propellant temperature: reducing the threshold rate of positive erosive burning narrows the region of negative erosive burning.