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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2013 year, number 2

Example of Motion of a Cylindrical Solid in a Viscous Liquid

O. S. Pyatigorskaya, V. L. Sennitskii
Keywords: solid, viscous liquid, pulsations, oscillations, external force, predominantly unidirectional motion of a body
Pages: 237-242


The problem of motion of a pulsating solid (an infinitely long circular cylinder) in an oscillating viscous liquid in the presence (or absence) of an external stationary force is considered. The perturbation method is applied. It is found that the solution of the time-average motion of a body exists if and only if body pulsations, liquid vibrations, and external forces satisfy a certain relation. The presence of a plane analog of the phenomenon of predominantly unidirectional motion of a compressible solid in an oscillating liquid is established.