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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2013 year, number 2

Unsteady Turbulent Flow of a Gas Suspension in a Channel under Conditions of Injection and Forced Pressure Oscillations

K. N. Volkov
Keywords: two-phase flow, particle, turbulence, unsteadiness, numerical simulation
Pages: 224-237


A turbulent flow of a suspension of solid particles in a gas is considered. The suspension is located in a channel with permeable walls (the pressure at the left end face of the channel follows a sinusoidal law). The flow considered here reflects the principal features of the flow in the combustion chamber of a solid-propellant rocket motor. The unsteady flow of the gas suspension is described by using the Eulerian–Lagrangian approach. A stochastic variant of the discrete-trajectory approach is used for modeling the particle motion. The influence of the condensed phase on the turbulence characteristics and acoustic oscillations of the parameters of the working medium in the channel in the case of injection is discussed. The calculated results are compared with data obtained in a physical experiment.