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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2013 year, number 2

Mathematical Modeling of Jet Interaction with a High-Enthalpy Flow in an Expanding Channel

N. N. Fedorova, I. A. Fedorchenko, A. V. Fedorov
Keywords: supersonic flows, mixing, internal flows, separation, turbulence, shock waves
Pages: 195-206


Results of modeling the interaction of a plane supersonic jet with a supersonic turbulent high-enthalpy flow in a channel are reported. The problem is solved in a two-dimensional formulation at external flow Mach numbers M = 2.6 and 2.8 and at high values of the total temperature of the flow T0 = 1800 ÷ 2000 K. The mathematical model includes full averaged Navier–Stokes equations supplemented with a two-equation turbulence model and an equation that describes the transportation of the injected substance. The computations are performed by using the ANSYS Fluent 12.1 software package. Verification of the computational technique is performed against available experimental results on transverse injection of nitrogen and helium jets. The computed and experimental results are demonstrated to agree well. For the examined problems, in addition to surface distributions of characteristics, fields of flow parameters are obtained, which allow one to reproduce specific features that can be hardly captured in experiments. Parametric studies show that an increase in the angle of inclination and the mass flow rate of the jet leads to an increase in the depth of jet penetration into the flow, but more intense separated flows and shock waves are observed in this case.