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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2013 year, number 2

Vascular Plants of Luzanovskiy Ope-Pit Coal Miming (the Russian Far East, Southern part): Species Composition, Activity, Viability and Type Dissemination

1Pacific Institute of Geography FEB RAS, 690041, Vladivostok, Radio str., 7
2Soil Biology Institute FEB RAS, 690022, Vladivostok, 100-Letiya Vladivostoka ave., 159
3Pacific Institute of Geography FEB RAS, 690950, Vladivostok, Sukhanov str., 8
4Far East Federal University
Keywords: flora, technogenic landscape, coal dump, coal mine, site types, succession stages, dissemination types, plant activity, viability


274 species of vascular plants were registered on the dumps of the Luzanovskiy open-pit coal mining station. Among them, there are 244 grass species (including 47 annual and biennial plants), 29 wood species (trees and shrubs) and 1 semi-arborescent species. Nine site types were indicated. Two stages of succession were distinguished. Plant viability at different stages was observed. Species were ranged according to Yurtzev plant activity degrees. Analysis of dissemination types showed domination of anemochorous and autochorous plants. The distribution of dissemination types over plant activity degrees was considered. Annotated list of species is given.