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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2013 year, number 2

Dynamics of Vegetation on Post-Technogenic Territories of the Usinsk Diostrict of the Republic of Komi After Sowing Different Species of Permanent Grasses

Institute of Biology, Komi Scientific Center UrB RAS, 167982, Republic of Komi, Syktyvkar, Kommunisticheskaya str., 28
Keywords: revegetation, disturbed land, agricultural methods, permanent grasses, succession


Results of comparative experiments on row sowing of the seeds of permanent grasses collected in the northern regions of Russia (experiment No. 1) and brought from North America (experiment No. 2) are considered. Experiments were arranged at the territory of former sludge-collecting pit of the Vozeyskoe oil deposit (Usinsk District, Republic of Komi) dumped with sand layer 1 m thick, in order to reveal optimal species for the protection of disturbed territories from erosion. Sowing of grasses adapted to the conditions of European North, with fertilizer application, allowed short-term formation of closed grass cover, sod layer fixing the substrate, ground litter layer accumulating nutrients and ensuring subsequent development of phytocenosis, on the technogenic substrate.