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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2013 year, number 1

Equation of State Model for Metals with Ionization Effectively Taken into Account. Equation of State of Tantalum, Tungsten, Aluminum and Beryllium

D. G. Gordeev, L. F. Gudarenko, A. A. Kayakin, V. G. Kudel'kin
Keywords: equation of state, tantalum, tungsten, aluminum, beryllium


A model of a wide-range semi-empirical equation of state for metals is presented. The specific heat and Grüneisen coefficients of ions and electrons are functions of temperature and density. At low temperatures, the heat capacity varies according to Debye theory. The removal of the degeneration of the electron gas with increasing temperature is taken into account. The effect of ionization on the thermodynamic functions is effectively taken into account. The equation of state allows the calculation of states in a two-phase liquid–vapor region. This model was used to develop the equations of state for Ta, W, Al, and Be. For its range of applicability, the equation of state contains a relatively small number of free parameters, most of which have a physical meaning. Comparison of calculations of various isolines using equations of state with experimental data and calculations based on other models show that the equations of state for Ta, W, Al, and Be, describe most experimental data for these substances. At ultrahigh pressures and temperatures, calculations using the equations of state are in good agreement with calculations using the Thomas–Fermi model with corrections.