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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2013 year, number 1

Initiation of Detonation of a Porous High Explosive by a High-Enthalpy Gas Flow

A. P. Ershov, A. O. Kashkarov, L. A. Luk'yanchikov, E. R. Pruuel
Keywords: initiation, porous high explosive, deflagration-to-detonation transition


Loose packed PETN initiation by a hot gas flow generated by an explosion of an active charge separated by an air gap is studied. Experimental data obtained by means of synchrotron radiography are compared with simulations employing a two-phase two-velocity two-temperature model. Reasonable agreement is reached by taking into account two processes accelerating the reaction: particle fragmentation during powder compaction and combustion intensification due to instability of the evaporating surface layer excited by a high-velocity gas flow around the particles.