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Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

2013 year, number 1

Combustion Mechanism of RDX and HMX and Possibilities of Controlling the Combustion Characteristics of Systems Based on Them

V. A. Strunin, L. I. Nikolaeva
Keywords: solid rocket propellant, RDX, HMX, modeling, combustion mechanism, control of combustion characteristics


Modeling of the combustion of cyclic nitramines (CNAs) has shown that their combustion proceeds by the same mechanism with the joint effect of the processes in the condensed and gas phases. The combustion characteristics of the pure substances can be changed only at low pressures by using catalysts acting in the condensed phase, and at high pressures, this problem is difficult to solve. The combustion of binary compositions [CAN + fuel (F), CAN + ammonium perchlorate (AP)] and ternary compositions (AP + CAN + F) is considered. It is shown that the combustion mechanism and characteristics are determined by the chemical interaction and heat exchange between the reactants, which depend on the characteristic particle size in the system.