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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2012 year, number 6


A. Cuin1, G.A. Pereira1, A.J. Bortoluzzi2, A.C. Massabni3, P.P. Corbi3
1Exact Sciences Institute, UFJF Juiz de Fora, MG, Brazil
2LABINC, SC, Brazil
3Institute of Chemistry, SP, Brazil
Keywords: schiff base, thiophenyl-2-methylidene-2-aminophenol, 2-aminophenol, 2-thiophenecarboxaldehyde


The Schiff base thiophenyl-2-methylidene-2-aminophenol (ImineOH) is obtained from a stoichiometric mixture of 2-thiophenecarboxaldehyde and 2-aminophenol in ethanol under reflux at 90 °C. Its crystal structure is determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction. ImineOH packs in an orthorhombic unit cell in the Pbca space group with the unit cell parameters a = 16.942(4) Å, b = 13.4395(11) Å and c = 17.5857(12) Å, V = 4004.1(10) Å3, Z = 16. Strong hydrogen bonds are present in the ImineOH structure. Apart from the X-ray study, ImineOH was characterized by elemental analysis (CHN-S) and FT—IR (4000 cm–1 to 400 cm–1), UV-Vis and 13C, 1H, and 15N NMR spectroscopic measurements.