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"Philosophy of Education"

2011 year, number 4


M. S. Ashilova
Keywords: Eastern and Western education, rationality, intuition, mentality, traditionalism, globalization, technologization, humanization, comparative philosophy
Pages: 170-179


The article is dedicated to the research of Western and Eastern education, revealing their common and different features between them. Much attention is paid to the disclosure of these issues through the prism of historical, social and spiritual development. It is emphasized that the Eastern education  is characterized by strict requirements in fulfilling traditional norms, customs and canons, and a more free search for truth is specific for the West. While the Western education was inclined towards the school uniform of learning, division of  school into classes and the assignment of subject teachers, the Eastern education system prefers an individual interactive system. The 21st century and globalization set common objectives for the Western and Eastern systems of education such as: the need of training professionally qualified person, humane and harmoniously developed personality, which supposes necessary synthesis of these two educational systems.