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"Philosophy of Education"

2011 year, number 4


J. K. Tahereh
Keywords: Mullah Sadra, existence, motion in substance, educational implications, Islamic philosopher
Pages: 120-130


The purpose of this paper is to examine existence and motion in substance in Mullah Sadra's view and to develop some of its educational implications. Accordingly, first Concept of Existence, Principality of Existence and Motion in Substance are explained and in part of Motion in substance are illustrated that while philosophers previously admitted the possibility of existence of motion in four categories; quantity, quality, position, and place, however, they considered the essence or substance of objects which were the locus of quantity, quality, and position as being fixed and motionless, Mullah Sadra proves that the trans-substantial motion of objects exists in their essence and does not occur to them as an accident. Through the principle of motion in substance, Mulla Sadra proved that the substantiality of substance and the quality of its creation are in the form of addition of a strong degree to the previous weak degree.
Then, some of useful consequences of Mullah Sadra's theory for philosophy are mentioned. Finally, in section of educational implications are explained that soul needs a materialistic ground for appearance and perfection is obtained by the aid of education. The important point in the educational system based on Sadra's philosophy, is preparing the ground for human development, i.e. in an education system, situations should be created in such a way that the student can understand the subjects in depth and add to his essence of being through active participation in teaching-learning processes. Hence, in Sadra's education system, the most important objective of education is teaching how to learh.