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"Philosophy of Education"

2011 year, number 4


Ilona Semradova
Keywords: The teacher profession, professional ethics, theory, praxis, poisis, human activity
Pages: 29-37


The paper addresses the issue of theory, praxis and poisis as manifestations of human activity and as sources of its further modifications. It deals with the application of this concept of human activity in the teaching profession. Therefore, the focus is on the most important anthropina as indispensable constants in the concept of the teaching profession. On the ground of the ethical analysis of the current situation of the world as well as that of a human being, we look for the bases of teachers professional ethics. Contemporary scholars point out the substantial connection between education and meaningful co-being, which should become a field for dialogue. It is necessary to make sure that live communication is not pushed out by parallel monologues and that those models of thinking are not expanding, which could lead to obstacles to understanding and interpretation mistakes, and which are related especially to  the instant knowledge and information technology reductionism. We also deal with the shift in the notion of teaching and of the dimensions of the teaching profession. More and more widespread is the notion of the model of a so called broad profession. A teacher is a specialist whose role is to facilitate the learning process and to create friendly conditions and challenging opportunities to release the pupils / students potential. These moments can also be seen when incorporating information and communication technologies into the process of education and self-education. Implementation of ICT into tuition and creation of virtual learning environments are essential moments in the development of educational projects. The paper also deals with the axiological and ethical dimensions of the virtual learning environment. The outcome from the issue in focus is formulated in the reflection on e-learning as an educational strategy, on one hand, and as a cultural phenomenon on the other. The article closes with an outline of a structural framework of teachers code of ethics.