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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2012 year, number 1

Marking Activity of Common Beaver (Castor fiber L.) in the Settlements of Channel Type. Dynamic Aspect

A. V. Emelyanov, N. A. Chernova, D. V. Zotov, А. А. Kireev, K. A. Starkov
G. R. Derzhavin Tambov State University
Keywords: Castor fiber L., population ecology, territorial behavior, marking activity, chemicommunication
Pages: 165-171


Features of the marking activities of beavers in the channel-type settlements are considered. It is established on the basis of the statistical data that the signal hillocks can be recommended for the studies of the dynamic indices of scent marking by beavers. On the basis of quantitative methods, the role of the level mode of water streams in the appearance of olfactory marks is demonstrated; as a result, the reciprocal dependence between these parameters is revealed.